Canmore Word Championships 2022

Tim Carter and Tina Wilson take a break on the scenic trails at Canmore Nordic Center in Canada at the 2022 World Masters Championships.

Connect to the Nordic World


It’s winter. It’s cold, and there’s a thick layer of snow on the ground. The tracks are groomed…the skis are waxed!

Let the ski season begin!

Our goal at Nordic Ski Colorado is to get you and anyone else thinking about cross-country skiing to just get out there and enjoy the snow, ski tracks and winter! We believe there are millions of people out there that would fall in love with cross-country skiing if they only gave it a fair try. We publish this website in hopes of reaching folks who love to stay fit and are passionate about the outdoors, but may not love winter … YET!

We also hope to connect with seasoned Nordic skiers around the state and strengthen the Nordic-ski community that already exists. We know you’re out there, and we would like to get to know you better. Please visit our website links for more information, and go to our Nordic Ski Colorado Facebook page to post a photo or description of your latest adventure on skis. We welcome any tips you have to pass on.

We also need experienced skiers to be ambassadors to the sport – to bring your friends and neighbors to a Nordic center to get their toes wet … so they can feel the magic of the glide and lose their worries on the trails. They will eventually thank you, and you’ll have new skiing buddies to call the next time it snows.

Hi there! I’m Tim Carter… a lifelong Nordic skier. Winter is what I live for! I have been a Nordic skier and competitor for 55 years. I was National US Nordic Champion in 1985-86-87, and recently in 2022. I have competed in the World Masters in the US and in Europe. My wife, Tina and I owned and operated Intervale Nordic in Intervale, NH in the 1990’s.  I am an active member of the Grand Mesa Nordic Council, started a Master’s ski group and enjoy instructing. Besides skiing, I enjoy an active lifestyle by bicycling, hiking, kayaking, and alpine, cross-country & backcountry skiing. I have been an architectural photographer for many years, specializing now in 360 Digital Tours. For 15 years we published a local magazine in Grand County, Colorado called Grand County Living Magazine.

And I am Tina Wilson…. 

I bring a variety of experience to the website, including Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising, acquired from different jobs in the field over the past 40 years, including publishing Grand County Living Magazine for 15 years. Along with my husband, Tim Carter, we started this website to bring Colorado’s Nordic skiing information together in one place. A comprehensive overview, with Nordic ski area locations on a map, where to ski, what-to do and how-to! I am also an avid Nordic skier, racing locally and at World Masters events. Past owner of Firebird DesignWorks in Granby, I still offer marketing, advertising, print and web design for clients. Trying to keep up with Tim in a healthy, active lifestyle by bicycling, hiking, kayaking, and alpine, cross-country and backcountry skiing is a daily goal!

Happy Trails!

Tim & Tina

We hope you find something that helps you along the way to improve your Nordic skiing!

Come ski with us in February! Carter Active Tours is headed to Seefeld Austria!

The Different Types of Nordic Skiing

There are three main varieties of Nordic skiing: cross-country skiing (classic and skate skiing), telemark skiing, and alpine touring.

Classic cross-country skiing uses narrow, lightweight skis and poles on designated “tracks” in the snow. It’s a great choice for beginners because it’s fairly easy to learn and the amount of effort required depends on how fast you go.

Skate skis are similar to classic skis, only shorter and stiffer. The style of skiing is similar to ice skating, pushing off ski to glide on the other.

Telemark skiing, named after the Telemark region in Norway, is more of an “off-road” variety of skiing that uses thicker and heavier skis. The increased stability of the larger skis combined with the loose heel of Nordic skiing allows skiers to make their way up steep hills as well as glide downhill.

Alpine touring is a step closer to downhill skiing. Alpine skis are also thicker and sturdier, but they let skiers either bind their entire foot or keep their heels loose. As a result, the skis are quite versatile, ideal for exploration.